Hogwarts, Through the Ages is a forum where you can roleplay in three different Eras. The Marauders Era, The Golden Era and The Next Generation.
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Marauders Era: July 1975
Golden Era: July 1995
Next Generation: July 2019
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 Advertising Rules and Advert Code

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PostSubject: Advertising Rules and Advert Code   Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:33 pm

If you wish to put up an advertisement on our forum about your own or one you are a part of then please just make sure that you are following the few simple rules we have here.

  1. Please make sure that your forum is rated PG-13. I don't want to have any forums that are only 18+ being advertised on here. It's just a matter of fact that under 18's also roleplay so do make sure that your forum is rated PG-13.
  2. Under no circumstances are you to advertise a personal forum. Only RP forums people.
  3. If you want to post an advert just make a new topic with the forum name as the title and a brief description in the Description box. So things like 'Rated PG-13, Harry Potter RP, AU Setting' is what I mean by brief. Everything else can go in the actual message.
  4. If you post an advert here then I would like for you to advertise my forum as well. It's only fair, please use the code below for the advert.


[size=13]Hogwarts Through the Ages; a place where you can jump in and roleplay some of your favourite characters in their own timelines or roleplay your own characters in those timelines.

Hop in and join the Marauders in their fifth year as they worry about school, love and friendship. Where everything is not as it seems at Hogwarts and the outside world is shrouded in darkness and upcoming war. Where Death Eaters lurk on every corner and even in your own midsts. Roleplay in a world completely different from canon where the choices you make are the ones that matter.

You can also join the Golden Trio for their fifth year with Dolores Umbridge as the Hogwarts High Inquisitor, where the war is only just beginning with Voldemort hiding in the shadows and just looking towards starting it again with a bang, where your friends could be your enemies and your enemies could be your friends, where Dark and Light don't matter. Roleplay the world so different from canon yet the same; where your choices shape the world for better or worse.

Or you can join a completely new generation; the Next Generation. Where kids of the Golden Era live and breath, making friends and enemies, crossing the boundaries of house loyalty. Where the Potters don't care where their youngest daughter will end up. Where Albus Severus and Scorpius Hyperion are best friends. Where Harry Potter is the Head Auror. This World is ripe for picking and what choices you make will depend entirely on whether this world will be a peaceful one or one fraught with danger lurking on the outskirts, just waiting to strike at the opportune moment.

So come and join; make your own characters, roleplay canons. Have fun with this world where you can make Harry be neither Light nor Dark, where you can make Ron betray his best friend, where you can make Ginny and Harry divorce because the marriage is not working, where you can make Lily forgive Snape for what he did. A world just for you to enjoy.

[center][url=http://hogwartsthroughages.forumotion.com/f1-official-welcome]Official Welcome[/url] || [url=http://hogwartsthroughages.forumotion.com/f2-plots]Plots[/url] || [url=http://hogwartsthroughages.forumotion.com/f3-rules-and-regulations]Rules and Regulations[/url] || [url=http://hogwartsthroughages.forumotion.com/f4-character-applications]Character Applications[/url] || [url=http://hogwartsthroughages.forumotion.com/f5-claims]Claims[/url][/center][/size]
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Advertising Rules and Advert Code
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