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Marauders Era: July 1975
Golden Era: July 1995
Next Generation: July 2019
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 Sofia Francois

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Sofia Francois
Ravenclaw 3rd Year
Ravenclaw 3rd Year

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PostSubject: Sofia Francois   Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:42 am

Basic Information;

Full Name: Sofia Marie Francois
Nickname: Sof, Fia, Little Bit
Date of Birth: 21st July, 2005
Age on September 1st: 14
Age on next birthday: 14
Hogwarts Student Year; 4th
Blood Purity: Pureblood
Hometown: Cornwall, England
Current Home: Cornwall, England
Wand; 10 inches, Rigid, Aspen Wood with Dragon Heartstring
Era: Next Generation


Hair: Long orangey-red hair that falls in waves down her back
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Height: Currently she's 4'9", when she hits majority she will be 5'4"
Weight: Currently 93lbs, when she hits majority she will be 130lbs
Body Type: Fairly slim with a developing hourglass figure
Dress Style: As long as it's pretty she'll wear it
Tattoo: N/A
Piercing: Her ears and belly-button
Scars: N/A
Other: N/A

- Studying; A scholar at heart, Sofia always finds the time to study something. Whether it's a subject that she enjoys or has no patience for, she will still do it purely because she doesn't like have
- Dancing; Dancing is both a hobby and something that helps her keep fit.
- Muggle Literature
- Shopping
- Her mother
- Bullying
- Being treated like Royalty
- Languages
- Charisma
- Potions
- Charms
- Her Temper
- Her Sharp Tongue
Positive Points:
- Bubbly
- Friendly
- Positive
Negative Points:
- Quick to Anger
- Holds Grudges For A Long Time
- Stubborn
Quirks: Bites her lip when nervous
Habits: Whenever she feels any worries, she tends to go dancing; whether it's at parties or just alone, she tends to dance her worries away.

Born to Dimitri and Alexandra Francois as the only Francois child and the Heiress to the Francois name, Sofia was brought up spoilt but loved. However, that was only by her father. Her mother hated her, she hadn't wanted a child but was required to birth one thus Sofia was conceived and then brought into the world.

Due to not wanting her daughter, Alexandra made Sofia's life hard, almost unbearable; at least she tried to. She tried dictating what she could and couldn't do. She tried ordering her what children to play with. She tried telling her how to dress. She tried dictating what she should say. And the reason for that wasn't only because Sofia was the daughter she didn't want but also because Sofia was the more beautiful of the two.

With fiery red hair, pale skin and ocean blue eyes, Sofia was the epitome of perfection. She had the looks, she had the charisma and she had the tongue. People flocked to her from left and right, just wanting to be her friend. Sofia, for the first few years of her life, was unable to see the bad in anyone. At least until her mother's hand strayed and Alexandra hit her for the first and last time. The purple bruise on her cheek had been the telling point for her father who demanded a straight-up divorce from his wife and he got it without any questions asked.

Dimitri decided then to move them to England, where they started enjoying their life fully. Dimitri could finally find love for himself and Sofia could finally be a carefree child free from her mother's thumb. Being brought up in England by her father, Sofia got to finally enjoy the last bits of her childhood; making friends with all sorts of people.

Turning eleven, Sofia received her Hogwarts letter and she eagerly went off to the famous school; all starry-eyed and eager to please. The girl made many friends on the train to school and just as much while at school. People didn't like her there for her name or heritage, they liked her for who she was and what she was.

Her first few years at school were filled with getting familiar with all of her schoolmates. She never once thought of her mother who was pretty much left pennieless in France. She doesn't even know if the woman had married someone else or not and she doesn't care.

Name: Alexandra Beaumont
Age: 33
Living or Decesed: Living
Bloodpurity and/or species: Pureblood Vella
Occupation; Unknown

Name: Dimitri Francois
Age: 34
Living or Decesed: Living
Bloodpurity and/or species: Pureblood
Occupation; Auror

Name: N/A
Age: N/A
Living or Decesed: N/A
Bloodpurity and/or species: N/A
Occupation; N/A

Other family members:
Name: Rex Swan
Age: 34
Living or Decesed: Living
Relation: Step-Father {Dimitri's Lover}
Bloodpurity and/or species: Half-Blood
Occupation; Hit Wizard

Family History;
The Francois family are a very wealthy and influential family with connections in various countries and sections of the Wizarding world. Dimitri though cares nought for his families illustrious history apart from it being secure enough to help his daughter in the future. He was brought up with the belief that nothing could be bought with money but everything could be gained from having it. His marriage to Alexandra was purely because he needed a child to carry on the Francois name and while he did like the woman at first his like of her quickly turn to hatred, especially when she took out her fury and hatred on their young daughter.

The move to England brought Dimitri a new lover, Rex Swan, who had swept Dimitri off his feet when the two of them were paired together during an assignment in the DMLE only a year after Dimitri had joined. Sofia loves her step-father to bits and doesn't let anyone else put her family in bad light just because her father is homosexual.

Their family is unconventional but they are very loving.

Best Class; Ancient Runes
Worst Class; Charms
Animal; Cat
Patronus; An eagle
Boggart; Her mother
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Age : 22
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PostSubject: Re: Sofia Francois   Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:37 am

Congratulations Sofia Francois! You have been approved and accepted to Hogwarts, Through the Ages!

What I would like for you to do next is head over to the sorting quiz and fill it out; you can either post your reply in that topic or here. You will be sorted accordingly.
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Sofia Francois
Ravenclaw 3rd Year
Ravenclaw 3rd Year

Age : 13
Posts : 2
Join date : 2017-04-10

PostSubject: Re: Sofia Francois   Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:58 pm

Q1 Which colour do you prefer?

b} Bronze

Q2 What means would you prefer to use to stop an attacker?

a} Turn them into a toad

Q3 Which of these traits is most important to you?

a} Intellect

Q4 Which of these subjects do you like best?

d} Potions

Q5 I most enjoy the company of people...

c} who are intelligent, no matter who they are.

Q6 Which of these best describes you?

d} I'll do whatever I have to do to win.

Q7 What is most important to you when you have to make a decision?

b} What's best for you personally.
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Age : 22
Posts : 26
Join date : 2017-04-01

PostSubject: Re: Sofia Francois   Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:19 pm

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;"
{The Sorting Hat Song; September 1st, 1991}

Congratulations Sofia!

Welcome to the Ravenclaw house, the founding house of Rowena Ravenclaw. The Ravenclaw house places high value on intelligence, wit, and learning but make no mistake, learning isn't all that the Ravenclaw house is about. Make friends, make enemies; do whatever you will, just know what the house of the Raven's will be your family for the next seven years.
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PostSubject: Re: Sofia Francois   

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Sofia Francois
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