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Marauders Era: July 1975
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 RPG Basics

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PostSubject: RPG Basics    Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:26 am

Here are my basic rules for the roleplays

  1. Mass Threads - If you are doing a Mass Thread please make sure you plan this accordingly. I don't want to see Mass Threads going nowhere. Sometimes, I will make Mass Threads up for people to reply in their reactions but if you want to roleplay it between yourself and other characters please make sure that you follow the rule of 'wait for the others to post before you do' so for example if I were to roleplay in a thread with Harry, Ginny, Lily, Albus and James, with Harry starting, I would have to wait for Ginny, Lily, James and Albus to post before I could post again unless it's been decided beforehand that one of the characters would join later in the thread.

  2. No Thread Jacking - This basically means that you are not allow to post in a topic between two people without being invited into it. So if say Lucius and Severus were doing a topic just between them with no-one else and then suddenly Sirius were to join, that is called thread jacking. This a big no-no. You will get warned if you do this.

  3. Godmodding - A big no-no. You are not allowed to roleplay for someone elses character. For example, you can't say that 'Sirius grinned maliciously as he waved his wand and watched Snape rise up to hang by his foot'. This is called god-modding and is not allowed unless you have been given specific permission for it.

  4. OP/Superman/Superwoman - Please, please do not make your character overpowered or invincible. No-one apart from Voldemort in the Wizarding World is but even we know that he can get killed eventually. I will be asking and warning you if you do it so please try not to. I know it's hard and I admit I do it myself sometimes, but these are still children and they have time to grow. You can give them the basics but they must grow into them!
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RPG Basics
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