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Marauders Era: July 1975
Golden Era: July 1995
Next Generation: July 2019
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 Naomi Night (In Progress)

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Naomi Night

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PostSubject: Naomi Night (In Progress)   Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:30 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name: Naomi Lynn Night
Nickname: Nao, Mi
Date of Birth: 23rd May, 2005
Age on September 1st: 14
Age on next birthday: 15
Hogwarts Student Year; 4th
Blood Purity: Half-Blood
Hometown: Bournemouth, Dorset
Current Home: Bournemouth
Wand; 9 and a half inches, Alder wood with Thestral Tail Hair core
Era: Next Generation


Hair: Long and wavy ginger hair
Eye Color: Light Brown
Height: 5ft6
Weight: 70kg
Body Type: Slim with hints of muscle
Dress Style: As long as anything catches her eye, she'll dress in it.
Tattoo: A Hungarian Horntail on her lower stomach
Piercing: Her bellybutton and ears.
Scars: N/A
Other: N/A


- Sleeping; Despite the fact that she's a girl who loves spending time with her friends, Naomi does enjoy her beauty sleep. More often than not, she will go to sleep early and wake up fairly late if its the weekend.
- Flirting; Flirting is something that Naomi enjoys immensely though she rarely goes to such lengths that people feel she's leading them on.
- Motorbikes; As the daughter of a former professional motorbike racer, Naomi inherited her love of bikes from her father who always took the time to teach her about bikes. She doesn't have one of her own yet but she does have a promise from her father that she would get one for her 16th birthday.


- Charms;
- Potions;

- Transfiguration;

Positive Points:

Negative Points:


(If you are making a child, you only need to make sure you write at least two paragraphs detailing their childhood from when they were born up until now. I am not expecting a 2000 history for a 4-year-old but I do expect at least two full paragraphs.)

Name: Hannah Night nee Barnes
Age: 34
Living or Decesed: Living
Bloodpurity and/or species: Half-Blood
Occupation; Healer

Name: Charles Night
Age: 36
Living or Decesed: Living
Bloodpurity and/or species: Muggleborn
Occupation; Former Motorbike Racer - Mechaninc

Name: Hailey Night
Age: 4
Living or Decesed: Living
Bloodpurity and/or species: Halfblood
Occupation; N/A

Other family members:
Living or Decesed:
Bloodpurity and/or species:

Family History;
(This is where you put at least one paragraph detailing your characters' families history. It doesn't have to be from both set's of parents but it must be detailed at least)

Best Class; Potions
Worst Class; Transfiguration
Animal; A black eagle owl
Patronus; Labrador
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Naomi Night (In Progress)
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